About Us

Dr Krish Kandiah, founder of Sanctuary Foundation, has worked with refugees since 1997 with a particular interest in child welfare. Over the years he has developed resources used to support Kosovan refugees, Afghan refugees, resettled Hong Kong families, unaccompanied child refugees and Ukrainian refugees. He and his wife Miriam are foster parents and their family has welcomed many children in the care system as well as a number of refugee children.


In February 2022 he launched Sanctuary Foundation with a rapid response initiative to inspire families, individuals, churches, community groups and businesses to welcome Ukrainian refugees. In April 2022 Sanctuary Foundation was registered as a charity.

Sanctuary Foundation has Three Major Purposes:

1. To inspire:

Sanctuary Foundation already has a strong track record of inspiring individuals, families, churches, community groups and businesses to put themselves forward to welcome refugees and assist them practically, emotionally and socially. Working with the media, government, business communities and faith communities, Sanctuary Foundation continues to inspire others to join in this vital work that can make a real difference to people’s lives.

2. To inform:

Sanctuary Foundation is involved in informing and assisting government at the highest levels, as well as providing information to all through their excellent events, resources and training.

3. To innovate:

Sanctuary Foundation has been involved in the birth and development of the humanitarian response to the Ukraine crisis, which has the potential to become a global gamechanger in the field of refugee welfare and resettlement. Further innovations are in the pipeline as we navigate the increasing complexities of global refugee crises and the way that affects individuals and local communities.

Sanctuary Foundation works collaboratively with government, charities, churches and other agencies. Funds raised will be used by Sanctuary Foundation to facilitate refugee welcome and welfare projects directly or to deliver grants to other charities or partner organisations in line with Sanctuary Foundation’s purposes.


Sanctuary Foundation is grateful to Stewardship for incubating the charity, and for its ongoing support of our work.

Stewardship help over 40,000 people live out their calling to be generous stewards, giving more than £100 million each year to over 4200 churches, 2,500 Christian workers and 6000 charities. In 2013 Stewardship partnered with Krish to raise the funds needed to create the adoption and fostering charity Home for Good, and in 2021 supported both the HKUK and Afghan Welcome initiatives.

“Our hearts continue to be broken by the news coming from Ukraine and we persistently pray for peace to be restored. In the days and weeks since the invasion began we have been honoured to be at the epicentre of the response, helping to connect those wishing to give generously to incredible charities and churches in the Ukraine and in neighbouring countries providing humanitarian support and safe passage to those fleeing from the conflict. It is a privilege to see this work extended through the Sanctuary Foundation initiative, and we are pleased to be supporting Krish as he launches this vital new effort to bring Ukrainian families safely to the UK.”

- Stewart McCulloch, CEO, Stewardship



  • Cat Ross, CEO, Baby Basics
    “As we watch the human tragedy of the war in Ukraine unfold, the people of Britain want to play our part, with many hundreds of people and groups already pledging to help welcome Ukrainian refugees to Britain. When the government opens the humanitarian routes to make that possible, we all have an enormous opportunity to untap and expand this wave of civic energy right across Britain. Everyone who wants to make welcoming work, for those given sanctuary in Britain and the communities they join, is invited to be part of this historic effort.”
    — Sunder Katwala, Director, British Future
  • Cat Ross, CEO, Baby Basics
    “At Baby Basics we call on all our supporters to consider registering their interest in becoming a humanitarian sponsor to welcome Ukrainian refugees to the UK. Baby Basics is committed, prepared and ready to support Ukrainian families with children from 0-5yrs and their humanitarian sponsors. We want to ensure they have all the essentials they need for life in the UK, including ensuring each child has a safe space to sleep, toys, clothing, prams, feeding equipment, toiletries & nappies.”
    — Cat Ross, CEO, Baby Basics
  • Nicky Gumbel
    “I'm hugely grateful to this country for accepting my family when they were refugees. It's just one of many reasons I feel passionately that we should do everything we can to accept those fleeing war and persecution. The church should be at the forefront of welcoming refugees, regardless of their faith or beliefs, putting our faith into action and showing the love of God to those who have lost everything.”
    — Nicky Gumbel, Pastor
  • Rt Rev'd Ruth Bushyager, Bishop of Horsham
    “It is easy to feel helpless and hopeless watching the plight of Ukrainians as their lives are devastated and as so many flee in search of refuge. But we CAN be proactive - we can get ready to provide welcome, support and community for those who make it to the UK. I signed up to the Sanctuary Foundation as soon as registration opened. It means I am on the list to meet refugees at the airport, and pledge to befriend and help a family. It also means the Government knows there are huge numbers of us wanting to be a blessing to refugees - we are poised and ready to help. Can I encourage you to sign up too?”
    — Rt Rev'd Ruth Bushyager, Bishop of Horsham